Whether it's drafting contracts, providing tax advice, representing you in tax controversies, fiduciary representation, or specialized help for life coaches, therapists, and psychologists ... I've got yourbest interest in mind. Scroll down to learn more ...


Contracts & Business Entity Documents that Work for You

I can draft contracts and contract templates customized to your business needs and written in language that your clients and business partners can easily understand. Whether it's a one-time contract for a single deal or a template with fill-in-the-blank capability for numerous clients, I can help. I will be glad to deal with the legal mumbo jumbo and behind-the-scenes work so you can concentrate on building your business with less stress and more confidence!

Honest Help With Tax Issues to Put You in the Best Position

Put my decade-plus experience in a government tax agency to work for you! I spent years prosecuting companies and individuals who had gotten bad tax advice from attorneys who just wanted to line their own wallets. Now I want to help people like you minimize your taxes and stay out of trouble by giving you honest advice that looks out for your best interest! Don't let anxiety about complex tax laws or fear of tax authorities distract you from your personal or business mission.


Reliable Legal Help for Life Coaches and Healers

Life Coaches are amazing people who are making a huge difference in the world. Unfortunately, too many coaches are venturing into a legal minefield with no knowlege of the danger ... and nobody is talking about it. I specialize in helping coaches and healers navigate that legal minefield so they can keep having a positive impact on the world! Let's make sure your coaching practice is safe from legal danger so you can relax and do what you best: help your clients lead better lives!


Sound Advice for Therapists and Psychologists

More than ever, today's world needs skilled practitioners helping individuals and families work through their difficult life experiences. And being married to a therapist, I have seen first-hand the legal challenges of that profession. Whether it's specialized contracts, legal subpoenas, dealing with problem clients, or audits from the state board, let me work with you to make sure those issues don't distract from your main mission: helping your clients in their lives and relationships.


Ficuciary Services

Looking for fiduciary services for yourself or a family member? I can help with that, too. Too many fiduciaries are more interested in lining their own pockets than properly serving the client. I will remain committed to putting you or your family member first.