Meet ian


Ian graduated from UC Davis King Hall School of Law in 2001 with a heart for service. He never sought out the big corporate gig or a fancy law firm, but instead chose a path of serving the people of California, and he has no regrets.

Ian spent over 15 years in California government enforcing the law against people who crossed legal lines. He enjoyed his work, knowing that he was helping to keep teachers and firefighters from losing their jobs, and prosecuting those who would cheat California taxpayers out of millions of dollars. But Ian was often bothered by the fact that some of the individuals and small businesses he prosecuted turned out to be well meaning people who had just received bad advice ... bad advice from lawyers and accountants who were more concerned about their own bottom line than their clients’ best interests.

Now in private practice, Ian’s desire to serve and do right by people has not changed. He puts his experience to use by giving sound advice that helps people stay out of trouble in the first place, putting his clients in the best legal position he can to save them time, money, and stress. For those clients who come to Ian having already made legal mistakes, Ian gives them honest advice about their situations, making no pie-in-the-sky promises. Ian works to minimize the damage from any mistakes that were made and get them the best deal possible. When a client has been incorrectly or unjustly accused of crossing legal lines, Ian uses his inside knowledge of how the government operates to defend them in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.

For Ian, the client experience is paramount. Clients come first. Period.

Serving the Northern San Francisco Bay Area, including the cities of Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Sonoma, Napa, and Vallejo. Also serving Sacramento and San Diego Counties, and able to travel to most locations in California.